Finding GM Parts Online

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You can’t fix a car without the right parts and that’s just the truth! Yes, you need the skill, the budget and the spare-time to get it done, but you’ll let yourself down if you don’t take care in sourcing the best quality parts out there. Don’t underestimate the fact that restoration of cars, while being a hobby, is a big time-sink and requires a lot of dedication to do properly.  You don’t want to have to redo work several times over if the quality of your gm parts aren’t up to scratch.

Finding the right parts for your car is no mean feat, and finding a reliable provider of parts can be even more challenging. In the past, I have been a big fan of the GMPartsNow website ( for sourcing a wide range of GM parts for the projects I have worked on.  Trust me, I’ve tried my local junkyard, scrapheap, enthusiasts, OEM parts providers and local garages – literally everything to find both a reliable and affordable parts provider and none of them have beaten GMPartsNow and the service that they have provided.

Should you go down the used part route, make sure you inspect it very carefully as you will not be given a return or guarantee policy. To give it credit, the local parts services on eBay, Craigslist and Gumtree can be particularly useful, but that’s only because of their fraud prevention policies and that deals are encouraged to be finalized face to face.  However, for me, it still doesn’t beat the efficiency, trust and reliability of an online GM Parts retailer.

My advice would be to check out GMParsNow and see if you can find the part you’re looking for.  They have an extensive catalog and their parts come direct from suppliers, effectively doing all of the manual sourcing for you.  They have a good return policy, reasonable shipping rates and some very friendly customer service.  And most of all: good luck with your car!

GM and Dealers at Logger-Heads over Inventory

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A great article we saw in a Detroit Business Newspaper goes into great depth about the problems dealers and GM have over deciding who fronts the bill when it comes to inventory.

GM wants to get more of it out there in stores, but is expecting the dealers to pick up a share of a tab, something that they are not happy with given the current economic climate and their already thin profit margins.

Have a look at the article here: